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  1. Found my way here from Maggies and Tigerhawk. I really like your concept, and I look forward to digesting your content, but I have to note that the white on black format is very hard to read, and a distraction from your goal of spreading the entrepreneurial message.

  2. Give it a try. At the suggestion of a friend I flipped my Kindle App to white on black a few months back, and quickly found that it was easier on my eyes. Of course, if I am in the minority I will explore flipping it back, but I rather like it.

  3. The legendary magazine (and Web site) designer Roger Black wrote years ago that the first color should be white, the second color should be black, and the third color should be red. If you don't like that, he continued, then you can reverse it -- white on black (with red accents), which you have done here. It's fine the way it is.

    A 1999 New York Magazine article "Meet Roger Black":

    - DEC (Jungle Trader)

  4. Just started reading this blog after being a TigerHawk lurker for several years.

    Would you consider ditching the reversed type/black background design? Reversed type is famous in the graphic arts community for being hard to read for lengthy copy.

    Just sayin'

  5. "A note to Princeton alumni" (the phrase) Is on my site, I was googling it, and ended up on your site. There may be some synergy.

    I am an education crusader and can tell you that one of the biggest things they do to destroy enterprise is to undermine education. If kids end up semi-literate and ignorant, they are not going to be very enterprising. You could probably get 100 columns out of this. I think the simplest thing is to give you a link to an interview on an education site. These are all my major themes; and some will probably be of interest to you. I can give you more information on any particular ones.

    Bruce Deitrick Price

    PS I dealt with the black-white problem on one of my blogs by using an off-black or black gray, however you want to put it.


  6. You've published imagery of before and after flash floods. You might find this video interesting.

    Eric Hines


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