Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thoughts on the decline of manufacturing

Food for thought: "The ‘decline of manufacturing’ is an inevitable, global phenomenon, and that’s something to celebrate".

When we hear claims that “nothing is made here anymore,” it’s not really the case that somebody else is making the stuff Americans used to make as it is the case that we (and most countries around the world) just don’t manufacture as much “stuff” any more in relation to the growing levels of national and global output, which the graph above clearly shows.
Click through to look at the aforementioned graph.

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  1. Robots will continue to do more and more of the work in manufacturing. They're great employees. They seldom take breaks and never ask for pay raises. In addition, they can work day and night.

    Meanwhile, as more and more Chinese and other people in developing countries move to cities, future generations of Americans may focus more and more on farming. People have to buy food.

    Many places in the world also will need more clean water. Consequently, there may be a large number of new business opportunities in that field, too.

    You know, I see business opportunities all over the world. I look for them. I constantly ask, "What's missing in this place?" Most Americans don't do that.


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