Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cafeteria plan

The United States Department of Justice is ordering Lesley University to make a big investment in idiosyncratic menu options for students with particular needs. Since the rationale appears to be the Americans with Disabilities Act, there is no obvious reason why it would not apply to all public accommodations that serve food, including other colleges, hospitals, corporate cafeterias, restaurants, and so forth.

We wonder how many businesses and other institutions will close their cafeterias instead of spending the money to accommodate the individual requirements of people who want tasty gluten-free, meat-free foods that do not contain a nut molecule.

If you are thinking about serving food to the public, you must make sure your proposed menu is inclusive enough. Or maybe just avoid starting that business in the first place.


  1. Ate last night at Brooklyn Fare; outstanding 25-course degustation by the intense Cesar Ramirez.

    Bless him, because he does the following, and gets away with it. Plus the menu has a number of non-politically-correct ingredients including foie gras, Iranian osetra caviar, Wagyu beef and, on occasion, kujira (whale) from Japan. How bloody refreshing, especially given the runaway nonsense of hypo-this, that-intolerant, such-and-such-avoiding, and an ever-growing list of multicultural dietary nonsense:

    "The menu is a market-driven tasting menu that is determined by the chef the day of your reservation. The intention is to preserve the integrity of the product and therefore the menu will not be modified in anyway. The menu has a heavy focus on seafood, including both raw fish and shellfish. Vegetarians cannot be accommodated. Shellfish allergies cannot be accommodated. Raw fish will not be cooked through & dairy cannot be removed from the dish. We thank you for your understanding. Please contact reservations regarding specific allergies.”


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