Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crony watch: Killing off the food trucks

In another example of one business using another to kill off an upstart competitor, "Cities Declare War on Food Trucks". Is there any doubt, whatever the arguments might be for this or that burdensome regulation, that restaurants are trying to strangle gastronomically competitive food trucks in their cribs?

CWCID: Glenn Reynolds.

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  1. The owners of food trucks will get no sympathy from me.

    Business is war! Maneuvering through minefields is part of daily life on the battlefields of commerce.

    Crony watch?

    People do business with their friends. It's a fact of life. (Look at all the business books about "networking.")


    Make more friends.

    My opinion about blog posts like this one:

    I notice that many blogs with frequent posts about unfair things in life belong to academics, the spouses of academics, or the offspring of academics. Don't try to transfer the idealism of the academic world to the business world. Most successful business people are pragmatists--"whatever works is fine with me"--not idealists. (Pragmatism as a "style of thinking" barely existed in the U.S. before the start of Industrial Revolution. That should tell you something.)


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