Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mississippi freedom

Mississippi regulates regulation, at least of fast food:

No one's trying to take away supertanker-sized soda drinks in Mississippi, but state lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday to make sure they never do.

House Bill 1182 would prohibit counties and cities from creating food regulations such as requiring nutritional labeling at restaurants, banning junk foods and keeping toys out of meals....

Rep. Gregory Holloway, D-Hazlehurst, said during a House debate Wednesday that he doesn't want municipalities making food regulations "willy nilly."

"If you want to go eat 20 Big Macs, you can eat 20 Big Macs," Holloway said.

We note, for the record, that Representative Holloway does not look like a fatso, at least by Mississippi standards.

Meanwhile, it will surprise nobody that Cambridge, Massachusetts is heading in the opposite direction. Probably because the people there are not smart enough to make their own choices.

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