Saturday, April 6, 2013

A new reason not to start a business in New York State

Like most non-New Hampshire states in the northeast, New York is intent on driving new business out of state. In a new effort to punish job-creators over -- it should be said -- bullshit, the New York state senate has passed a bill granting employees a private right of action for "bullying" in the workplace. Because, you know, adults are really children who cannot be expected to stand up for themselves without the assistance of a contingency-fee lawyer and the prospect of money damages.

In case it is not obvious why this is such a bad idea, read this.

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  1. David Seifman of the New York Post, 6Apr13:


    Mayor Bloomberg went on a tirade against the corruption plagued Albany political class yesterday, charging that state legislators handpicked by party leaders are such hacks that they're unqualified for private-sector jobs.

    “The average legislator who has to make policy on things that influence our lives, our kids’ lives, our future — would they ever get a job in the private sector making policy on big things?” the mayor said on his WOR radio show.

    “No, not a chance. And yet those are the ones we keep re-electing ...."


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    - DEC (Jungle Trader)


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