Thursday, May 2, 2013

The wages of sanctimony: Disney increases Bangladesh's suffering

The Walt Disney Company is all afeared that the professionally sanctimonious will hammer on it for sourcing its clothing in Bangladesh, where a factory just collapsed and crushed several hundred people.

This is transnational progressivism reverberating in to a perverse, but perfectly understandable, business decision: Better to go the full Pontius Pilate so the liberals will stop clucking than to keep doing business there. Never mind that we condemn that sad country to further poverty, which will defer instead of hasten the day when it can afford buildings that will not collapse.

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  1. Meanwhile, from "Der Spiegel" earlier this week:

    "A Disney film about altruistic chimpanzees has been a huge hit in the United States. The movie is about to be released in Germany, where it is being marketed as a true story. Now a German researcher who was the flick's main scientific adviser has admitted large parts of the touching story were made up."

    - DEC (Jungle Trader)



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