Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vegas, bebeh

We did some mixing of business and pleasure this week in Las Vegas, bolting on a weekend in front of the Bank of American Health Care Conference. There were a couple of pictures in my phone perhaps worth passing along.


("The Bellagio," May 12, 2013, Las Vegas)


("Tulips", at The Encore, May 12, 2013, Las Vegas)

One can buy "Tulips" for a no doubt princely sum, if one has a space sufficiently large for the piece.

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  1. I lived in Las Vegas for two years in the early 1980s. One of my acquaintances in the city was a retired safecracker. His girlfriend owned a brothel. Two well-known movie actors and one United States senator lived down the street from me. Fun place.

    - DEC (Jungle Trader)


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