Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bear vs. Lone Star: The cage match

In comparing the economic performance of our two largest states, it is not even close. It is as though California and Texas are two different countries.


  1. When you find a great place, don't promote and publicize it extravagantly. That's what Californians did. And look what happened.

    At one time, the Golden State was a wonderful place. The arrival of millions and millions of new residents changed it and ruined it.

    The same thing probably will happen in the Lone Star State.

    - DEC (Jungle Trader)

  2. "Runaway liberalism changed it and ruined it."

    FTFY. Fortunately, Texas has a built-in antibody; its reputation. I've personally heard California liberals say that they'd rather die than live in a place like Texas, and Texas liberals swear they'd kill to leave.

    I pray for their success. - DF82


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