Friday, July 5, 2013

Beer consumption across the states

Per capita beer consumption, by state. Utah not surprisingly drinks the least beer, and North Dakota the most. New York and New Jersey are way down the list, as is California (a big wine producer) and Kentucky (home of some great brown stuff). I suspect there are good local reasons for all of these anomalies, but the differences are interesting nonetheless.


  1. Yeah, but the state that has the best beer brewed within its confines is Rhineland-Palatinate. That's where Bitburger is brewed.

    It's much better than the brown water that passes for main stream beer in the US. I confess, though, I've had little experience with American craft beers.

    Eric Hines

  2. American craft beers have transformed the landscape here. In particular, I love the recent surge of hoppy, high alcohol India Pale Ales, which have become my go-to choice in any bar worth the name.


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