Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday morning linkage

The many uses of drones. Burritos are involved.

Senators are so worried about their tax reform proposals leaking that they are requiring the National Archives to keep them secret for 50 years. Outrageous behavior, and I expect better out of my employees.

A great video history of the government's regulation of bus travel, including how the Obama administration's regulators are hurting consumers and driving people back in to automobiles, which is inconsistent with its safety and environmental objectives.

Crony watch: The insane subsidies for the film industry.

Obama's inequality speech: Maybe it (all) ain't so.

In the category of good news, serious mortgage delinquencies are down to their lowest rate since 2009. But maybe the vaunted housing recovery is not all it is cracked up to be.

The continuing crisis.

How locavore enthusiasts look at "sustainability" from only one point of view, and therefore are not being intellectually honest. For my own part, I think it is fine as a marketing pitch -- believing as I do in "keep Austin weird," I'm all for supporting local businesses out of unreconstructed parochialism -- but I do not confuse it with some sort of moral or other measure of merit. Buy local because it is fun, or the farmer is your friend, but stop patting yourself on the back.

Has the United States Treasury already exceeded the debt limit? Much as I would enjoy seeing the press hang Obama on this one, I would prefer that the capital markets not notice, because it will make me poorer.

The Texas Tea keeps flowing.

Detroit is a harbinger, not an exception.

Have a good Saturday.

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