Monday, September 9, 2013

The best and worst states for pension liability

When you move to a state, you not only assume a current tax burden but a future obligation to pay off the debts of the past, including particularly public employee pension obligations. Here is a handy list of the states with the worst and best pension positions. Intellectual honesty compels me to point out that a state's position on this particular list seems relatively uncorrelated with its redness or blueness or even its reputation for honesty and good governance, or not. You may draw your own conclusions.

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  1. Hey, slugger -

    Off-topic, but thought I'd send this your way in case you missed it:

    "Princeton dubbed top college in U.S."

    So, pretty cool.

    Otherwise, hope things are going well. We're (obviously) having a ball over at Maggie's with the Syria debacle.

    "The most amusing part of the entire drama, of course, is watching the squishy liberal media dance around the issue. Saddam Hussein gasses 250,000 Iraqi Kurds, Bush wants to stop him, and that's a bad thing. Assad gasses his people, Obama wants to stop him, and that's a good thing. Gosh, I wonder what the difference in those two wildly-opposed attitudes could be?"

    That was from my article yesterday. Not to be taken out of context, I tend to think it was al-Qaeda who did the gassing, which is covered in the post.

    Stay loose, goose!


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