Sunday, December 30, 2012

News You Can Use: 15 things overachievers do

Here at TSOE, we are not sure what an "overachiever" is. Perhaps somebody who achieves more than the rest of us expect? Anyway, here are 15 things that overachievers do. Some appear to be causal, others merely associated.

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  1. It struck me as BS.

    'Overachievers use lists for everything, except when they don't use lists.'

    'Overachievement didn't exist before casual use of mind-affecting drugs.'

    'Ignoring opportunities is the key to overachievement!'

    'You need awesome and expensive coaching to overachieve, which overachievers can't afford because they work for free, but even if they could and the coach told them to stay in school, they'd ignore them!'

    Et cetera.

    In ten years, I spent five years in the wartime Army, traveled four continents, learned three foreign languages, got married and had two kids, got four academic degrees (including a J.D.), got published by one of the best law journals in the country, thoroughly researched and converted to a religion, designed two board games and an entire stand-alone RPG, and am 80k words into a novel I write when I'm bored. And I come from a poor background where no ancestor of mine since the dawn of time has obtained so much as an associate's degree. I humbly offer myself as at least a credible candidate for 'overachiever,' and only a handful of these common sense items (which essentially add up to 'don't sabotage yourself' [i.e. divorce]) apply to me and others are wrong or contradictory.

    'Drop out of school, work for free, drug yourself (presumably with drugs you stole, since you work for free), and if you develop a kick ass idea, give it away for nothing on the Internet. Then you'll be a success!'

    It's like cynical bait for overachiever aspirants, to poison their efforts.

    You want to know what I think makes an *actual* overachiever? Ambition, work ethic, and talent. Or, more broadly, motivation, perseverance, and competence.


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