Friday, June 21, 2013

Sittin' on my front porch tab dump

I've been rambling and working and attending to family, so I have accumulated open tabs that simply squawk for attention. Herewith.

  • Equities are an absolute buy.
  • The week's stock market losses in context.
  • Niall Ferguson. Word.
  • Yes, prostitution is enterprise, and we support its legalization. Put differently, calling prostitutes "slaves" depreciates the word and disrespects women.
  • Is this a signal to sell gold, or buy it?

    1. Subj: Prostitution

      At a bar of a famous Las Vegas hotel:

      See that hooker over there, the one with the mink coat? She drives a new Cadillac. She doesn't look like a slave to me.

      See the hooker with her? She owns quite a bit of real estate in Clark County.

      See the hooker with the guy at the next table? She's 26 years old. She's retiring and buying three beauty salons in California.

      Each one of those three women has a heart of gold.

      - DEC (Jungle Trader)

    2. No one (of whom I am aware) calls all prostitution "human trafficking". They are distinct terms with very different meanings. Seems like rather a straw man argument: "Hey - no one should be doing this thing that they aren't really doing".

      The argument wrt trafficking has been that legalizing prostitution demonstrably does not protect prostitutes from the more abusive aspects of the trade, not all of which are experienced by every prostitute.


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