Saturday, June 22, 2013

The dead hand of old law strangles a business

The barnacles of big government are very difficult to scrape away. Old laws and regulations that make little or no sense in today's world reach out and scrape, cut, and abrade businesses that have adapted to the world as it is. For example, consider this story of a small business struggling against 80 year-old labor laws.

What started as a small family business operating out of our home has grown to 22 states. Now, though, it might all turn out to be illegal, thanks to the bureaucratic thinking of the Department of Labor.

The business model that parents thought was an innovation, but that Labor sees as a menace, is simple but effective. You might have heard of it: cooperation.

And then there is this great line from the mother who owns this innovative business:
What's clear is that America's entrepreneurs don't need government as a partner. My business didn't become successful because of government assistance; it became successful because my customers like the way I do business.
Unfortunately, governments and the people who run them do not appreciate even the suggestion that they are irrelevant. They insist on relevance, even if they have to destroy something to demonstrate it.


  1. She's basically acting as a fixed-price auction house. If consignors are employees, then aren't sellers at an auction employees too?


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