Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sittin' in the Adirondacks tab dump

DE is in the Adirondacks for the annual vacation -- not really vacation in the sense of getting distance from work, since DE's job makes such letting go very difficult, but a nice change of pace -- but that does not mean there are not links to pass along. Herewith, a few of the accumulated.

A CEO thinks it makes sense for his company to assert defenses to a regulatory action, so the regulator goes after the CEO personally. This is both to be expected and deplored.

The IRS is going after small businesses en masse. On the one hand, one hates to sympathize with the IRS. On the other hand, as one who has acquired many small businesses and "done diligence" on many more, it is safe to say that our small businesses take much more aggressive tax positions than large public companies.

Big Brother cracks down on Bitcoin, on the theory that the state must have a monopoly on the means of exchange. Query whether a society can be truly free if its government forbids unsanctioned money.

Is the burden of student loans crushing new entrepreneurs? Yes. Oh. And yes.

Is the president correct when he says that we have to get used to lower growth? No.

Our individual indebtedness is sucking less than it used to.

The long, losing war against regulation.

More later.


  1. Re Student "debt:" And no, from further down the WSJ article Instapundit cited:

    Some entrepreneurs view their student-loan payments as a motivator. "We are under the clock to get our product out there and make sales," says Andrew Torba, co-founder and chief executive of Kuhcoon, a tool for managing social media.

    Mr. Torba, 22, a philosophy major who minored in entrepreneurship and political science, graduated from University of Scranton in May with $30,000 in debt. His loan payments kick in this November, when the standard six-month grace period for most student loans ends. Student-loan payments are "pushing me forward," he says. "I'm making sure that I make every single day count."

    Eric Hines

  2. No doubt people respond as differently to the pressure of student debt as they do to other pressures.


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