Sunday, August 18, 2013

The end-of-vacation work avoidance tab dump

My week in the Adirondacks is over, and it is time to confront a huge pile of work. It has been my experience over the years that going on vacation is almost as painful as not, given the consequences. Oh well. Anyway, a final bit of procrastination pushes me to dump a few of the accumulated tabs, many of which you have no doubt seen elsewhere.

What happened to Connecticut? One might point the finger at blue state policies, but the question is, why did those happen? Never underestimate The Big Sort.

We live in a curious world where the government threatens an entrepreneur for shutting down his business rather than deploying it to spy on the government's behalf. Sort of puts the old liberal saw -- "government's just a word for things we choose to do together" -- in to context.

The Democratic candidate for the governor of Virginia -- Clinton BFF Terry McAuliffe -- is, apparently, the poster boy for bad corporate governance.

In the category of bad ideas that never die...

Notwithstanding political griping to the contrary, domestic airfares have continued to decline over the last ten years, even as the price of fuel has risen.

The "inequality alarmists" are wrong, especially about executive pay. I, for one, seek no rent, and while I am paid well and have no complaints, I am also not paid much more than my point of indifference. Of course, it helps to keep one's nut decisively below one's income.

Of course, that does not mean that there is not huge pressure on the middle class.

Regulation follows propaganda in California.

The president ought not both complain about the sequester's budget cuts and separately airlift his dog at great cost. It's unseemly, and it might cause especially cynical people to think that the president does not actually believe what he says on the subject.

Back to work.

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